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An MMORPG Leveraging NFTS On the Blockchain

Let’s dive into the world of Kryxivia, a 3D fantasy MMORPG that works seamlessly with modern browsers and is easily accessible through their website. Players can create a unique character, take on daunting dungeon bosses, stake currency at the bank, and unearth valuable items through farming.

Developed using Unity, Kryxivia evokes fond memories of Runescape while incorporating a blockchain solution that transforms all assets into NFTs owned by players. Though Kryxivia offers a dose of nostalgia, it is still in its early stages, with many aspects requiring refinement and improvement.


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First, let's explore the backdrop. Kryxivia presents itself as a captivating world, where an expansive city functions as the central hub for players seeking adventure. This lively area offers resources, guidance, and a chance to form alliances with other players. Beyond the city lies the magical mine, a place filled with both danger and opportunity.

Kryxivia City was founded around a mysterious door in the mountains, which led to the discovery of powerful magical gems called Kryxit. As a result, people from various backgrounds flocked to the city, giving it a diverse and eclectic atmosphere. The city's inhabitants often wear a mix of cloth, leather, and metal, as metal gear is scarce and costly.

Nowadays, Kryxivia attracts mercenaries and independent adventurers, all hoping to find treasure and excitement beyond the door.

While the game follows the familiar path of a typical fantasy RPG, complete with quests and NPCs, its free-to-play, blockchain-based design introduces play-to-earn features as well.

All told, Kryxivia has the potential to be something very special. But, the point at which that happens could be quite a ways off.

The core game experience at the moment feels rough, but at least it is clearly labeled as currently in beta. I’m willing to give the issues present a pass for that reason, but they are still worth highlighting.

First, you’ll be presented with a pretty basic character creator. In the world of Kryxivia, there are no specific classes or races. Every player begins with equal opportunity, creating a human character as either male or female. Character creation is free, removing a significant barrier to entry, unless you choose to purchase one (as an NFT) with special items, cosmetics, or Kryxit already equipped.

Characters in Kryxivia are NFTs that can be traded and exchanged among players on any compatible decentralized marketplace. When you log in and create a new character, it is initially stored and securely saved in our database to ensure smooth gameplay. Subsequently, an NFT representation of your in-game character can be generated.

After giving your character a name, you’re dropped into the actual game world where you'll find everything you need before venturing into the magical mine.

The city features a central location with essential NPCs for easy access, while other NPCs can be found in distinct buildings with unique appearances. Key buildings include:

A tavern: Purchase consumables here.

Auction house: Buy and sell items with other players.

The Blacksmith: Perform specific actions with your inventory, such as linking Kryxit to items.

Inn: Complete weekly quests and rest.

An E-Bank: Deposit items and currency.

It’s still clearly early with rough textures and stuttering performance, but at least everything is colorful. There’s a limited amount of things to do at the moment, but you can meet the handful of NPCs scattered around, explore the area, and take a quests that involves “defeating Dunny”, a training dummy who’s quite powerful, or confronting K1 R.I.G., an even mightier robot boss. It soon becomes evident that the game is designed with parties in mind rather than solo play.

It did serve as a pretty solid proof of concept for what to expect though, and I wouldn’t mind jumping back in with more people when the game is more complete.


Ok, so where does that leave us with Kryxivia? I’d say somewhere at the beginning. The project is clearly labeled as a work in progress, it doesn’t really advertise any purchasable content at the moment, and what’s there seems to be content to serve as a proof of concept for what you can expect when the game is farther along in development.

Like so many other blockchain games right now, it’s too early to tell. I’m glad I was able to mess around in Kryxivia for a few hours, and the systems that are either partially rolled out or planned to be in place at launch look like they will offer some decent money making potential for those who find that important, but the real big deal here is that Kryxivia is seeking to bring back the kind of free MMORPG that people like me loved so much several years ago… ok, over a decade ago, but who’s counting?

If you’re even moderately interested, Kryxivia is worth a look now. With some time, it might even be a serious MMORPG contender.


  • Easy to access directly from browser
  • All assets are NFTs, true ownership ethos
  • Developers continue to build and improve since alpha release


  • Lots of bugs and connectivity issues
  • Gameplay is rough and lacks balance
  • Graphics and audio are outdated

Getting started

Right now, in order to play Kryxivia, all you have to do is go to the site and launch the game. The entire thing runs within your web browser, just like Runescape back in the day. There is also an option to download a separate client for those who would prefer that.

To log in, you'll need a Metamask-based wallet. Once you have a wallet, visit the website and click the "Play Now" button on the homepage. The Metamask extension will prompt you to select a wallet to connect with, followed by a transaction for digital signature verification to confirm your ownership of the public wallet address used as an account.

After successfully verifying your signature, the browser will initiate the Kryxivia client, download the game if it's your first time, and launch it. Subsequent connections will be faster, as the game is typically cached on your computer after the initial download.

Once the game starts, you'll join the login queue, create your first character, and embark on your adventure.

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