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Exeedme’s community plays a big part in it - we are 90k strong and counting.

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November's Web3 Gaming Report

    Dec 2nd, 2022

    Monthly Report

November Digest November showed numbers consistent with previous months, standing at around 24 million UAW (Unique Active Wallets), for an average of 800k players a day. With the World Cup serving as a unifying theme, FIFA has revealed a number of collaborations that serve to underline the organization's long-term commitment to web3 and usher 5 billion football fans into the realm of NFTs and the Metaverse. The repercussions of the FTX collapse continues to reverberate across the whole ecosystem, yet the web3 gaming sector has shown remarkable endurance, as seen by the number of Unique Active Wallets. Exeedme was in London for the Token 2049 conference and it was an amazing experience. There are some considerations we would like to make about the Blockchain Game Industry. BLOCKCHAIN GAMING ON-CHAIN DATA In November, there was an aggregate of about 24 million UAW of user activity on blockchain games, putting the daily average of around 800k players. This data further demonstrates what we’ve been seeing over the past months that the growth has stalled. According to DappRadar statistics, most of the top ten games in terms of "unique wallet addresses” have seen a decreasing number of users in the last 30 days, but that is counterbalanced by the astronomic rise of WAM, a hyper casual gaming platform. FIFA Web3 Initiative For The World Cup The divorce with EA having been finalized for the summer of 2023, FIFA is now free to forge new lucrative partnerships with other video game players. The rupture between FIFA and EA wasannounced in May, after several weeks of rumors and statements full of tension from both parties. FIFA demanded nearly a billion dollars in order for EA to continue using the FIFA license, which the publisher refused, convinced to remain a reference even by changing its name. Obviously, because it would have been far too simple to sell the World Cup rights to smaller developers, Gianni Infantino's gang prefers to link up with the new big players of Web 3.0 for a series of games, all of which are proudly announced in apress release on its official website. The future is in Web 3.0 for FIFA The word "game" is overused when you read the descriptions of these new projects. It is rather a series of partnerships with major Web 3.0 players who will be able to paste the image of the World Cup into a whole bunch of derivative products in order to lure the eventual customer who is a little too much of a fan of the competition. FIFA’s announcement shows the birth of four “games”: · AI League: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Edition · FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 - Upland Metaverse · Matchday Challenge: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Edition · FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 on Phygtl For its part, the AI League will offer an amazing experience. Two teams of four AI-controlled players will compete, and players will be able to influence the match with "fun and tactical" options. Characters can, of course, be collected and traded. With the Upland Metaverse partnership, players will be able to collect "official digital assets" of the World Cup and also highlight video clips of the competition. The Matchday Challenge takes the form of a "social prediction game based on soccer cards" where you can play against your friends. Finally, the initiative onPhytgl will allow players to grow a virtual Golden-Globe-Football and "own a piece of it". For FIFA, this is a way to immortalize the participation of fans in the project. “This is a hugely exciting group of partnerships that we’ve entered into as we embrace a new, digitally-native football fan and engage with them in the spaces that we know they are already active within. As we continue to build our gaming strategy long into future, it’s certain that web 3.0 will have an important role to play, and this marks the start of our journey.” Romy Gai, FIFA's Chief Commercial Officer For the moment, reactions are few and far between, but FIFA is taking a very different path than the one it has been following until now. However, the federation has not yet made any announcements about the development of a direct competitor to the future EA Sports FC. For the time being, FIFA will develop its interactive license through specific experiences based on the metaverse, NFTs, and the blockchain. FIFA had already announced in September the launch of its NFT platform,FIFA+ Connect, powered by Algorand, and we can only expect it to continue to expand beyond the 2022 World Cup. With the eyes of the world set on Qatar for the next few weeks, it will be curious to see the impact of such a huge marketing initiative for Web3. We're already seeing the rise of fantasy football games like Sorare and fan tokens via platforms like Chiliz. FIFA, as a household name, is putting Web3 in front of an audience that’s expected to reach over 5 billion people during the World Cup, through sponsorships, advertisements, and interactive experiences. Impact of FTX Downfall on Web3 Gaming The November 2nd CoinDesk article quickly spread, and people got scared. In the article, there are allegations that FTX's sister hedge fund, Alameda Research, was overexposed by holding too many FTX’s FTT tokens. Binance's CEO, CZ, later announced he was selling $2.1 billion in FTT, so people got even more scared and things escalated into a full-blown panic over the weekend, with record withdrawals of about $8.6 billion from FTX since the 10th. In less than two months, Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), the founder and CEO of FTX, has gone from being the crypto industry's White Knight to its Dark Lord, when he was a beacon of hope for investors. The fallout from the FTX cryptocurrency exchange is reverberating through the whole ecosystem, and many in the community are seeking clarity on the potential impacts on their projects. There is still a lot of information coming out, and only then will we know the full extent of what really happened. Some have spoken, reassuring their communities. Animoca Brands' exposure to FTX is "limited to an insignificant trade balance," according to a statement from President Yat Siu. "Animoca Brands remains financially strong with a cash balance of approximately $214 million, digital assets of $940 million with an additional $3 billion in off-balance sheet digital reserves and a portfolio of approximately 380 businesses," Siu said. Yuga Labs co-founder Wylie Aronow provided updates to Bored Ape Yacht Club and Yuga Labs subscribers, reassuring them that no funds were affected by the FTX collapse. To paint the bigger picture, this infographic shows the portfolio of investments by both FTX and Alameda, and a few big names do stand out, like Magic Eden, Fractal, Sky Mavis, or Immutable. Additionally, the ties between FTX and Solana meant that the Solana ecosystem as a whole took a major hit in the aftermath. A drastic example of the consequence was experienced by Star Atlas, which announced it had lost half of its runway. “I believed this liquid cash position to be custodied with a reliable and trustworthy institution. I put my confidence and trust into an individual I believed to be a stalwart of the industry. Clearly that trust has been betrayed. Poor timing, and a failure to have sufficient backup measures in place to respond expeditiously to situations such as this resulted in a compromised position. That is on me, and for that, I am sorry.” Michael Wagner, CEO ATMTA Web3 games only slightly bumped by FTX Fallout When something catastrophic occurs, most investors believe that the entire sector simply collapses to a point where it cannot be reversed. However, all the way through this bear market cycle, web3 games have been showing some of the most extreme degrees of resilience. Those newcomers to the crypto industry just from an NFT or gaming perspective perhaps do not even give a damn about the downfall of both Alameda and the FTX exchange. Maybe because they really need to figure out exactly who Sam Bankman-Fried was and understand the reasons behind the failure of FTX. But why would they even care? Except if they had their tokens on FTX, which isn't likely since many web3 games require players to use a personal wallet with the game's NFTs to interact with the game. In some cases, they even offer in-game marketplaces as well as optional staking for their players, which means holding the tokens in a personal wallet would be a crucial part of the game. Gamers will continue to play, no matter what! While the media remains attached to the story of how a crypto-billionaire turned into a fraud, gamers are out there, busy winning rewards as well as helping the industry further develop bridges toward widespread web3 technology adoption. Looking at the chart above, we can see that the Web3 games category and the number of Unique Active Wallets (UAW) have largely remained unaffected, with the range remaining consistent with previous months. Another important consideration is the fact that playing web3 games when the value of tokens is down actually tends to be more logical, since anything collected nowadays can later be cashed in as soon as the market prices become more advantageous. Token 4029 - We were there! Exeedme was in London for the Token 2049 conference and it was an amazing experience. There are some considerations we would like to make about the Blockchain Game Industry. There’s been a parade of bad news from Luna and FTX events, however it’s important to notice that the gaming space is one of the most active in web3, maintaining a lot of interest from both game studios, infrastructure projects and investors These signs of vitality can only leave us excited for the future. It’s important to consider that Gaming is counter-cyclical, meaning that, as global economies enter a recession and people prefer to save more money on what is called real life entertainment in exchange for an increase of digital consumables and more time playing games. An example of this is, upon people not being able to afford to travel or going to a live concert, people will look for other ways to connect and be entertained in the most immersive way available (whether it's games or the Metaverse) - and this is where Web3 brings digital ownership and a relevant factor of decision when choosing Games and experiences for Gamers - meaning the gaming experience now transcends pure consumption and reaches a new, deeper experience in which games retain more value. It's important to consider the aversion to NFTs in Gaming in this reflection, however this is a western narrative. In Asia, NFTs in Gaming are popular, with the biggest South Korean game studios fully embracing Web3. After a talk with some experts in the matter, it’s easy to see that Token design is in its early stage, specially in the Web3 Games field. As such, there isn’t yet a defined model framework that game developers can rely on. This means evolution in this area will be mostly driven by experimentation. It’s easy to see there are a number of opportunities in the Web3 space - and Exeedme will keep on laying the ground for it with our mission in mind to bring economic freedom through Web3. OTHER NEWS HIGHLIGHTS Yuga Labs and Animoca Brands Amongst Those To Form ‘The Open Metaverse Alliance’ Gamestop Embraces Web3 Adoption & Expands ImmutableX Partnership Magic: The Gathering creator launches new PvP card game Square Enix reveals new NFT art project – Symbiogenesis Microsoft Have Invested in New Korean Blockchain Prospect Instagram and Facebook Integrate NFTs Fractal is now officially live on Ethereum Roblox Metaverse To Add NFTs - Will It Replicate The Impact Of Reddit? Blockchain TV Series RZR (Razor) by Gala Films Paves The Way For Web3 Cinema Yahaha raises $40M more for its user-generated, low-code immersive gaming platform Saga & Com2uS Announce Partnership To Power Infrastructure For Gaming Icon.X World: At The Intersection Of Web3, eSports & Decentralized Socializing Magic Eden Expands to Polygon Network to Accelerate Blockchain Gaming Gods Unchained Begins Cosmetics Migration Undead Blocks Announces Loot Coffins Splinterlands to Reduce Team Size By 45%, Points at Current Market Conditions Star Atlas Plans Four Sales in Coming Months NFTs Are Officially Banned From Grand Theft Auto Fan Servers Sony Patent explores blockchain and NFTs for use with digital assets Polkastarter to Host Web 3.0 Game Awards Show, Nominates Over 200 Games Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo Join The Blockchain


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The XPAD has Arrived

    Nov 17th, 2022


At Exeedme, we believe Gaming Culture and Community are just as important as a Competitive spirit. These are the pillars for everything that we did since the beginning of this journey. We are always looking to support gaming communities growth, create new challenging and entertaining forms of competition, and help people connect through gaming. Becoming the one-stop platform for competitive gamers is a challenging goal. However, we’re on the way! We have grown into a community of 90,000 gamers, distributed over $150,000 in prizes in both web2 AAA titles and web3 games, organised the first CS:GO on-chain crowdfunded tournament, launched a web3 game Crypto Bird and partnered with great traditional brands and blockchain projects! This is the time to continue leaving our mark and prepare for the future in the web3 gaming scene. We believe that the forefront of competitive gaming evolution will be fueled by digital property rights. And those can only be advanced through blockchain technology so that’s why the XPAD aims to play a big role in it. The XPAD was announced a while ago but like gamers that play everyday to get better we decided that it was the right time to improve, upgrade and evolve. Today we announce the launch of XPAD platform with 3 main verticals: 1) Content Creation & distribution 2) Web3 Competitions 3) Launchpad Besides the changes, the XPAD’s mission remains the same - finding the first Esports 3.0 hit. 1. The Content Creation & Distribution For the XPAD team content is king but distribution is the queen - so we will create the best content but will also make sure it gets to the right audience. The ecosystem is in need of more curated web3 content. Our team will be releasing and creating themed articles, reviews, reports and videos regularly in order to make sure that everyone has access to reliable information about web3 gaming. No matter if you are a gamer, an investor or just curious, we deliver for you. The Game Reviews are lighter reviews of the best games on the web3 space targeted at gamers. A straightforward article including everything you need to know about a game that could interest you. Starting with a quick bio and info about the gameplay, how to start playing, and ending with an unbiased rating from our team. The Game Research Reports are tailored at web3 game investors, current or future. These extended analysis will cover the essentials and give a 360º view about a game from gameplay to traction and business model. The team gathers reliable information about the quality of game, their business model & tokenomics, investors & partners, on-chain & off-chain data, industry overview & competitors, team and community. We don’t provide financial advice. The Monthly Reports are intended to analyse the most relevant happenings in web3 gaming from that month. It is not meant to capture every news but alternatively to digest the most relevant ones and analyse its impacts critically. The Videos follow the Game Reviews in order for each gamer to quickly grasp the gameplay of a new game before trying it. 2. Web3 competitions The XPAD will work as the first point of contact with web3 games for Exeedme. After analysing the traction and interest from the gamer’s community we will explore the competitive potential of it. Using the competitive layer provided by Exeedme, web3 games are able to organise and create the best crafted competitions to access a new community in their game category. Starting in casual competitions and ending into professional tournaments, we offer a foolproof system to cater the competitive spirit and grow games into Esports. 3. Launchpad This is the last part of the funnel, for game developers that have gathered the interest from our audience, successfully crafted competitions on Exeedme and are now on a path to create an esports strategy. The launchpad, will allow initial testers, web3 investors, Esports organisations to access high quality games through shared property rights (NFTs and Tokens). The launchpad will help games that have shown initial traction, capacity to entertain gamers and competitive elements to launch their digital assets. This will help the continuous development of the games and its competitive environment to ultimately grow these games into Esports. The competitive environment was always central for Exeedme, so the XPAD is no exception. We will be mostly focused on games that can become the first web3 Esports. With a foundation of gaming expertise, unique investors and esports network, as well as a growing gamers’ community, XPAD sets the pavement for great accomplishments as we go on this new adventure — launching the best games, with thriving and balanced token and NFT gaming economies that actually meet the expectations of gamers while allow them to retain a share of the value creation. Opportunities on the Horizon 1.From gaming reviews to detailed gaming research reports, we make sure to create highly curated pieces of content to educate gamers and bring investors to support games that have the conditions to stand out. 2.A game is not a game without real competition - and we love it. The XPAD will bring Exeedme technology and platform to bring the most exciting competitions for gamers. 3.Games need gamers to thrive - the XPAD matches the right gamers with the perfect game. Exeedme’s community plays a big part in it - we are 90k strong and counting. XPAD Round Table To mark this date, Exeedme is hosting a Round table with Polkastarter Gaming, Polygon and Entropiq. Each one of these projects represent different sectors of the market on web3 Gaming, blockchain technology and Esports, respectively. Each will share some success stories and its perspective of the future of Esports 3.0. This talk will be taking place on Wednesday, the 23rd of November at 5.00PM GMT, on Exeedme’s Twitter.


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Moralis & XPAD Announce Web3 Tech Partnership

    Nov 16th, 2022


The XPAD is happy to announce a tech partnership with Moralis to accelerate Web3 adoption. Moralis x XPAD: Web3 Tech Partnership We are happy to announce that Moralis and the XPAD are entering into a tech partnership, aimed at driving adoption of Web3. More specifically, Moralis and the XPAD are teaming up to promote the development and growth of Web3 and Web3 gaming. Moralis' Unity SDK and cross-chain APIs are powerful tools for Web3 game developers - and the perfect compliment to the XPAD’s Web3 gaming offerings as well as its needs With this new partnership, we hope to make it even easier for Web3 game developers to build, launch, and promote their creations. Moreover, a more frictionless experience will benefit gamers, who get to use projects built with Moralis’ best-in-class Web3 tools and Exeedme's blockchain-based gamer economy. "Web3 gaming is very, very exciting," said Ivan on Tech, CEO of Moralis. "As such, cooperating with Exeedme makes total sense for us. Any Web3 game dev can now easily integrate blockchain into their game with Moralis, then launch it to a great gaming community platform. We can’t wait to see what people will build!" “As result of this new alliance, Web3 gaming projects onboarded through XPAD by Exeedme will have access to a few of Moralis services under some special conditions,” Francisco Varela, Co-founder Chairman & CSO of Exeedme added. “From their enterprise plans providing the right tools to build and improve web3 gaming ecosystems, to their Academy with the most updated and curated content for web3 builders, Moralis is the way to go for building Web3 projects.”



XPAD is an all-in-one, new-gen, gaming launchpad. Discover, invest and help shape the next wave of Web3 gaming guilds, and metaverses.

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