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Revolutionizing Gaming with AI and Web3: A Look into the Future

    Jul 12th, 2023


The gaming industry is constantly evolving, and new technologies are continually emerging to enhance game development. Among these new technologies is generative AI, which has the potential to revolutionize the gaming industry. However, industry veterans recognize the need to be cautious in implementing this technology, as overreliance on generative AI may lead to unintended consequences. Generative AI refers to the use of machine learning algorithms that can create new content, such as images, text, or audio, without human influence. In the gaming industry, generative AI tools are already being tested and implemented across the games industry, largely for generating text or images from prompts and first-pass content creation. Prompt-driven text and image generation tools can be utilized to generate 2D images across a wide variety of styles and consistently replicate visual themes, while first-pass content generation tools help with brainstorming game concepts and kickstarting the creative process for developers. Generative AI can be combined with existing game development tools and practices to aid developers, accelerate game creation, supplement key studio functions, and even unlock entirely new types of gameplay. For example, generative AI can be used for world building by helping with ideation and prototyping, generating a game's fiction, and rapidly filling the gaps in new game worlds with characters, locations, and history. Procedural content generation can also be used to create training data for generative AI models, enabling more reliable outputs for game developers. It can also produce working code that can aid in early prototyping, or be used as a debugging tool, helping novice programmers and non-technical creators. In the area of non-player characters (NPCs) and chatbots, AI can be used to power NPCs with goals, personalities, and agency. This use case is of great interest in populating virtual worlds and "metaverses" with believable characters for players to interact with. Developers can drastically reduce development costs by using these tools and allow teams to focus their efforts elsewhere. AI-powered characters can also become digital assets that players are able to carry with them from one virtual world to the next. Creating a fully-realized virtual world requires a substantial amount of time, resources, and attention to detail. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a prime example of a game that boasts an impressive array of features, including over 1,000 NPCs, a massive world spanning 30 square miles, and a staggering 60 hours of original music. However, it took eight years and $500 million to complete. By utilizing AI tools, both time and budget could be significantly reduced. A remarkable demonstration of the impact of AI technology is Microsoft Flight Simulator. Microsoft partnered with blackshark.ai to train an AI to generate a photorealistic 3D world of the entire planet based on satellite imagery, spanning a whopping 197 million square miles. Without the use of AI, building such a game would have been impossible. The game benefits from the ability to continually improve and enhance the game world over time. While generative AI has the potential to reshape game development, it is important to bring a critical lens to the discussion and understand what is possible, plausible, and unlikely to occur in the near term. Anything that affects game development broadly will also impact blockchain gaming, and as such, a clear-eyed view of the downstream implications of these new technologies is necessary. On top of this, we can also look at the potential impact of AI in regards to web3 games. In particular, it can play a key role in managing in-game economies. With AI, game developers can create more realistic and dynamic economies that evolve over time based on player behavior. This can lead to a more engaging and immersive gaming experience, as players are forced to adapt to changing economic conditions and make strategic decisions about how to allocate their resources. AI can also be used to combat cheating in web3 games. By analyzing player behavior and detecting patterns that indicate cheating, AI algorithms can identify cheaters and prevent them from exploiting the game. This is especially important in games that have real-world value, such as NFT-based games, where cheating can have serious financial consequences. Fraud detection is another area where AI can be useful in web3 games. By analyzing transactions on the blockchain and looking for unusual patterns or behaviors, AI algorithms can detect fraud and alert game developers and players. This can help to prevent scams and other forms of fraud, which can be especially prevalent in the decentralized and often unregulated world of web3 games. The integration of AI in web3 gaming opens up exciting possibilities for the future of the gaming industry. AI can enhance the player experience and significantly reduce the time, resources, and budget required to create fully-realized virtual worlds. We might even see the rise of “micro game studios” that fully leverage these tools to build games faster with leaner teams. As the web3 ecosystem continues to grow and evolve, we can expect to see more and more innovative applications of AI in the world of gaming.


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June's Web3 Gaming Monthly Report

    Jul 5th, 2023

    Monthly Report

June Digest; In June we saw around 21 million UAW playing blockchain games, leading to a small decrease in the average daily player count to around 700,000 compared to the previous month's statistics. The 3XP Web3 Gaming Expo, a conference focused on web3 gaming, successfully united industry leaders for in-depth discussions and live esports tournaments, demonstrating that there is plenty to be excited for in the future of web3 gaming. GameStop is boldly venturing into the Web3 world with the recent partnership with Elixir for the launch of GameStop Playr. We take a look at these initiatives and what potential impact it may have on GameStop’s business. EXEEDME CEO speaks at EPIC WEB3 event BLOCKCHAIN GAMING ON-CHAIN DATA In June, the blockchain gaming space saw approximately 21 million unique active wallets (UAWs), which corresponded to an average daily player count of around 700k. However, this represents a slight decline from the previous month's figures. The top 10 list has undergone changes and welcomed new entrants. Of note, DeFi Kingdoms ascended to the fourth spot following the launch of DFK Chain, a number of updates, and its inclusion in the Avalanche's Arcad3 program. Pixels, on the other hand, experienced a significant drop in player numbers, returning to a more grounded position. Furthermore, as we emphasized in our previous monthly report, Axie Infinity continues to see a downward trend in its player base. The decrease is so significant that, likely for the first time since tracking began, it has fallen out of the top 10 rankings. 3XP WEB3 GAMING EXPO The inaugural 3XP Web3 Gaming Expo has set a powerful precedent in the world of web3 gaming. Hosted in Pasadena, California, on June 8-9, it marked a major milestone, a conference wholly dedicated to the dynamic universe of Web3 Gaming. The event brought together developers, content creators, investors, journalists, and players, uniting the industry in a dialogue about the swift evolution of web3 gaming. Even though many games are in their infancy, the advancements in user experience, gameplay, and entertainment are indisputable. With over 130 speakers taking two stages by storm, the expo was buzzing with enlightening conversations on topics from game design to Zero-Knowledge Proofs, ownership & trading, security, and scalability. The event also created waves in the esports world. The Arena stage, sponsored by Brave, boasted a 5v5 gaming setup complete with live commentary. Live tournaments brought notable pros and content creators into the limelight, like Meteos, Spike, Brycent, CryptoStache, YellowPanther, and Iceyyy. Over half a million viewers on Twitch streams saw them compete in popular games like Skyweaver, Champions Ascension, Wildcard, Shrapnel, MegaWeapon, Aurory, and My Pet Hooligan. The exhibition area was no less active, with 25+ studios, networks, and service providers flaunting their innovative titles and solutions. The quality of the games on display was an undeniable testament to the arrival of the second generation of web3 games. Networking opportunities were aplenty, with social events fostering personal connections among attendees. Whether it was the DeFi Kingdoms Meetup, the CaesarVerse Toga Party, or the epic afterparty thrown by FaZe Clan at their Hollywood HQ, each event offered a unique experience. Some said it felt like the early GDCs and E3s, with 3XP instead offering a high-caliber space dedicated to web3 gaming discussions. The vibe was electric with enthusiasm and optimism about web3's impactful role in gaming's future. The investment flowing into web3 gaming continues to surge, promising a plethora of exciting titles in the pipeline. As such, equipping developers with the right tools to create and scale new web3 experiences will be pivotal to the industry's growth. The value of direct, personal feedback from attendees is something all developers should strive for and this event offered plenty of opportunities for such feedback. The event gave substance to the ideas and concepts about web3 gaming, sparking a deeper sense of anticipation for the development work backstage. The first 3XP Web3 Gaming Expo was a roaring success, signaling a bright future for web3 gaming. Like the great OMG Porto event hosted by Exeedme in March, these live gatherings help push our industry ahead. We applaud and appreciate everyone involved in breathing life into such remarkable events. GAMESTOP WEB3 INITIATIVES Even though GameStop felt the jolt of a short-lived stock market surge driven by WallStreetBets at the start of 2021, the company's been wrestling with a demanding retail climate. Traditional brick-and-mortar stores have been losing ground to the ever-growing digital realm, and GameStop has been striving to uphold its status as a key player in the gaming retail scene. But GameStop hasn't been sitting on its hands, far from it. The company's been actively venturing into the realm of Web3. One of its most recent endeavors is the unveiling of GameStop Playr, a joint venture with Elixir, a forerunner in the Web3 gaming distribution arena. This partnership seeks to turn the gaming world on its head, making Web3 games more approachable and engaging. Features like game hosting, tournament management, and gaming exploration pages are part of the package. Whether you're a mobile or desktop gamer, GameStop Playr promises an array of high-quality games, thanks to Elixir's cutting-edge technology. In an earlier venture, GameStop joined forces with Immutable X to launch its own NFT marketplace. The platform offers a carbon-neutral environment for trading and minting NFTs, free of gas fees. The goal is to offer a vast range of affordable in-game assets that can be traded with ease. To further bolster Web3 game development in their ecosystem, GameStop and Immutable X have set up a $100 million fund. In a related move, some GameStop shareholders have proposed to the SEC that the company should start distributing NFT dividends. Another headline-grabbing collaboration has been with Illuvium, the creators of an open-world exploration and auto-battler game. Together, they've launched the Illuvitar collection, an exclusive limited edition NFT collection. This unique partnership merges digital art, collectibles, and gaming, introducing "Illuvitars" - NFTs representing specific Illuvial avatars, each with their own distinctive expressions and power ratings denoting rarity.The Illuvium x GameStop D1SK collection, which includes 20,000 units, was available for a limited 72-hour period beginning on June 12, 2023. Each Illuvitar offers over 108 possible combinations, derived from six different Illuvials, three expressions, three backgrounds, and two finishes. Plus, buyers also received early access to two Illuvium games. These novel initiatives could substantially alter GameStop's trajectory. By welcoming Web3 and NFTs into its fold, the company could uncover new sources of revenue and reposition itself amidst the rapidly changing digital landscape. The potential ramifications are considerable, especially given the increasing popularity of blockchain games and NFTs. Should things proceed as envisioned, GameStop could emerge as a significant player in the Web3 gaming domain, transitioning from a traditional retail game store to a central hub for blockchain-powered gaming and digital assets. However, the ultimate success of these initiatives is contingent upon the wider gaming community's receptivity and adoption of Web3 and NFTs. Given the early stage of this technology, it remains uncertain as to what extent Web3 could impact GameStop's operations. Nevertheless, it does present intriguing transformative prospects. For instance, Web3 could enable gamers to have verified ownership and trading of virtual assets through unique, transferable tokens, thereby monetizing the gaming experience. It could also facilitate interoperability between games, allowing players to transfer items across games and potentially granting them a role in game governance and development. While GameStop's current primary objective is to maintain profitability and stay financially healthy throughout 2023, the company boasts a robust cash position of around $1 billion. This financial stability enables them to gradually implement growth strategies alongside their core business operations. The company's prudent approach to capital management, as observed thus far, should provide reassurance to both retail and institutional investors. Such strategy could allow GameStop to sustain its profitability while concurrently investigating and incorporating new technologies, thereby laying the foundation for a more robust business model in the future. EXEEDME CEO AT EPIC WEB3 CONFERENCE The Epic Web3 Conference, held on June 9th, was a one-day event designed to propel the growth of Web3 products. The conference aimed to cultivate relationships through its stellar line-up of speakers, expert and investor 1-on-1 meetings, offering ample opportunities for networking, fundraising, and lead generation. The event included experts from top-notch organizations like Binance, Polygon, NEAR, Unstoppable Domains, Consensys, Ledger, Uniswap, and MetaMask, and our very own Nuno Fernandes, the CEO of Exeedme. Here's a glimpse of his thoughts on the event: “At the recent Epic Web3 event, we had a fantastic array of insightful talks covering all areas of web3. As a mentor, my schedule for mentorships was jam-packed, a testament to the huge interest in web3 gaming. There were two types of mentees - new startups eager to build essential infrastructure for web3 gaming, and seasoned companies looking to add a dash of web3 gamification to their existing services. But what really got people talking was the question of how to usher web2 users into the world of web3. My favorite topic to discuss was this web2 to web3 transition. A common misconception, in my view, is that it's a quick switch, but our experience at Exeedme has shown us that it's more of a journey. It's crucial to ensure a smooth onboarding process for users and spend time educating them about the advantages of web3. We've learned that offering web3 as an optional upgrade allows users to see its benefits for themselves. It's then that the power of the community kicks in, with the network effects doing much of the teaching. This balanced approach, in my opinion, is the secret sauce for a successful web3 transition.” There’s still a lot of work ahead of us, but we at Exeedme strongly believe that gaming is key for getting more people to use Web3. We're doing our best to support this big change and working to make our platform better, to help lead the way. We're really happy you're with us on this adventure. You, our awesome community, are the reason we've come so far and we couldn’t be more excited about the cool things coming in the future. OTHER NEWS HIGHLIGHTS Blankos Block Party and Amazon Prime Gaming team up for free NFTs Undead Blocks Adds New Playable Character 'Mask', Ranks Among Top ImmutableX Games Skyweaver Introduces New Quest System HyperPlay Raises $12 Million to Accelerate Web3 Game Launcher Cryowar Soft Launch Features Revealed: A Thrilling Gaming Experience Awaits The Sandbox Partners with Nuclear Blast to Bring Heavy Metal to the Metaverse Solana Shines Spotlight on Thrilling Games & Experiences at the Upcoming PlayGG Festival MetaRides Racing launches Unstoppable Domains collab Aurory Unveils Cross-Platform Expansion Legends of the Mara Revealed Minecraft Still Hasn't Officially Banned NFTs—But It's Coming Manchester United Opens NFT Exhibit at Its Museum Ava Labs Catalyzes Web3 Gaming with the Introduction of Avalanche Arcad3 Delegate Land in Axie Homeland Mojo Melee Free to Play Season 0 is Officially Live FC Barcelona Releases Empowerment NFT Featuring Alexia Putellas in Their Web3 Journey Twitch's New Favorite Game 'Only Up' Is Loaded With Goblintown NFT Art Nestlé Releases "Art of Preservation" NFT Collection The Sandbox reveals Lion City neighborhood as part of its Asian expansion Gods Unchained Goes Epic Fortnite's Collab With Nike's NFT Platform Doesn't Include In-Game NFTs Yuga Labs Unveils HV-MTL Forge Revolve Games Introduces Stake-to-Own, Play-to-Earn Model for Sustainable Gaming Sky City Beta Adds Conversational AI NPCs Lego and Fortnite Confirm their Metaverse Collaboration My Pet Hooligan Alpha on Epic Games Spider Tanks Arena Evolves with Patch 1.3.0 and Launch of Season 1 Parallel Avatars are Dropping on July 6th: Here's How to Get Yours Star Atlas to Close Escape Velocity and Sell Mining Ships Fableborn Closed Playtest Starts July 5th Ubisoft announces first web3 game Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles


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May's Web3 Gaming Monthly Report

    Jun 7th, 2023

    Monthly Report

May Digest; In May, around 22 million UAW engaged with blockchain games, slightly increasing the daily player average to roughly 715,000 from the previous month's stats. AI will reshape the gaming world by creating unique content, improving user experiences, and cutting development costs. However, it needs cautious use due to potential legal and privacy issues. Immutable continues to make significant strides in the web3 gaming space. With over 150 game projects in development, the future of Immutable promises to continue its groundbreaking journey in the web3 gaming sphere. Ubisoft, in collaboration with Integral Reality Labs, is launching Assassin's Creed Smart Collectibles, combining NFTs and physical collectibles. Using Polygon-minted "Digital Soul" NFTs, fans can customize 3D-printed collectibles based on Assassin's Creed characters. BLOCKCHAIN GAMING ON-CHAIN DATA In May, we saw about 22 million unique active wallets (UAWs) jump into the blockchain gaming scene, giving us an average daily player count of roughly 715,000. There's a bit of an uptick here from last month's numbers. The top 10 list has seen a few twists and turns. Iskra's back in action (seems like DappRadar might've ironed out a metric issue from last month). Plus, we have three entries that stand out from the pack - particularly Pixels and Hippo Dash. Just a quick heads-up about Axie Infinity - it's been on a bit of a downward slide for the past few months, barely clinging onto its spot in the top 10. REVOLUTIONIZING WEB3 GAMING WITH AI Generative AI has been causing quite a stir with its ability to generate new and unique content. This type of AI is being explored with significant interest in both the Web3 and gaming industries. However, industry professionals advise a thoughtful approach in employing this technology, as overreliance could lead to unforeseen implications. Currently, generative AI tools are being extensively trialed and integrated in the gaming sector. They're proficient in generating text or images from prompts, thereby aiding in the creation of diverse styles and themes. Moreover, they serve as a boon for developers by aiding in brainstorming game concepts and catalyzing the creative process. Generative AI also shines in various aspects of game development. It plays a role in world building, character creation, and prototyping. This technology is even capable of producing functioning code, thereby helping with early prototyping and debugging. One of the interesting applications of generative AI is in developing non-player characters (NPCs) and chatbots with their own goals and personalities. This aspect is particularly valuable when populating virtual worlds or "metaverses" with interactive characters. Developers are able to drastically cut costs using AI tools, thereby freeing up resources for other areas. Several successful instances of AI integration exist in the gaming industry, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator. In partnership with blackshark.ai, Microsoft trained an AI to generate a photorealistic 3D replica of the entire planet based on satellite imagery. This would have been otherwise an impossible task to perform with reasonable time and resources. The beauty of it is that it's not just about making things look pretty. AI can run the show behind the scenes, too. Think managing virtual economies, sniffing out cheaters, and watching out for fraud in Web3 games. The result? A more engaging, immersive, and safer gaming experience. This successful integration of AI in the web3 gaming landscape hints at an exciting future for the industry. AI is poised to improve player experiences and drastically reduce the resources required for developing fully realized virtual worlds. In the future, we might witness the emergence of "micro game studios" who leverage these AI tools to expedite game creation. While AI is pretty cool, it's essential to keep a level head about what it can and can't do in the near term. We have to tread carefully when it comes to the brave new world of blockchain gaming and Web3, what with all the potential issues around copyrights, privacy, and the like. As the technology evolves the innovative uses for AI are set to skyrocket. It's an exciting time to be alive, with all these smart tools and technologies helping us navigate the future. Immutable: Pioneering the Web3 Gaming Revolution Immutable, the Sydney-based web3 gaming platform, continues to make significant strides in the gaming industry. Launched in 2018, Immutable's mission is to foster digital ownership and streamline the adoption of web3 games for mainstream audiences. With the backing of reputable crypto venture capital funds and tech investors, including Bitkraft Ventures, King River Capital, AirTree, Temasek, and Coinbase, Immutable has rapidly ascended to the forefront of the web3 gaming revolution. One of the platform's major selling points is its comprehensive suite of pre-built solutions that enhance developers' capabilities and redefine how they create, launch, and distribute games. These solutions expedite game launches while maintaining high levels of security and a stellar gaming experience. Another noteworthy aspect of Immutable's operations is its commitment to implementing zero-knowledge (ZK) scaling solutions for Ethereum. This approach, through products such as Immutable X and Immutable zkEVM, reduces transaction costs and improves transaction speed, addressing two significant issues in blockchain gaming. The strategic alliance with Polygon is particularly significant. It provides full platform support for developers, enabling them to design high-quality games with true asset ownership. The newly introduced Immutable zkEVM, an EVM-compatible ZK-rollup, offers a holistic gaming solution, combining scalability, cost-efficiency, and seamlessinteroperability. Immutable hosts a vast array of web3 games that span across different genres and styles, showcasing its remarkable diversity. It has successfully partnered with major game studios and developers, resulting in a rich collection of popular titles and forthcoming releases. A flagship title on Immutable, Illuvium, exemplifies the platform's success. This game conducted one of the most successful NFT sales in history, raking in $72 million in land sales in just 72 hours. Another leading title, Gods Unchained, over the past year has witnessed the total hours of gameplay and number of games played nearly triple, reflecting its captivating allure among gamers. Noteworthy is the inclusion of IMVU on Immutable. This metaverse and social app boasting seven million monthly active users have found a reliable platform in Immutable. Furthermore, Cross The Ages, recently ranked as the number one gamein the App store, along with other titles such as Undead Blocks, Kiraverse, and Immortal Game showcase the diversity of games building on Immutable. Looking ahead, several eagerly awaited releases are set to launch on Immutable like Guild of Guardians, Shardbound, Ember Sword, Metalcore and Infinity Victory. The number of game projects currently in development on Immutable exceeds 150, while more than 25 ready-to-play games are available, highlighting Immutable's vibrant and rapidly growing portfolio in the web3 gaming ecosystem. Immutable is also tackling accessibility barriers in web3 gaming head-on with the Immutable Passport, a powerful single sign-on solution that simplifies user onboarding. Honestly, watching Immutable's journey in the web3 gaming world has been like watching a thrilling eSports match. Their commitment to and the way they've delivered their vision is downright inspirational. As the gaming industry gears up for more web3 action, the big question is: what's next for Immutable? If their past performance is any indicator, the answer's likely to be something groundbreaking. We're genuinely stoked to see where they go from here. Kudos to Immutable for such a strong game so far, and we can't wait to see what level they'll reach next in this exciting gaming saga. Assassin’s Creed NFTs Ubisoft, in partnership with Integral Reality Labs, is launching an innovative project titled Assassin's Creed Smart Collectibles. This venture blends the domains NFTs and physical collectibles, enabling NFT holders to customize and obtain a unique 3D-printed collectible based on the renowned Assassin's Creed gaming franchise. The heart of the Smart Collectibles experience is the concept of "Digital Soul" NFTs. These NFTs, minted on Polygon, serve as a key that unlocks the customization and redemption of a physical collectible, such as a meticulously crafted 3D-printed representation of a character from Assassin's Creed. Prior to the collectible being printed and dispatched, NFT holders can personally select the character's attire, weaponry, and poses, making each piece unique. The level of customization available to NFT owners depends on the rarity of their Digital Soul NFT. Higher-tier NFTs offer broader customization options, creating a more exclusive and tailored collectible. The Smart Collectibles come equipped with an embedded NFC chip. This chip allows owners to tap their smartphone on the collectible and access a companion app, where they can view a digital character representation and enjoy additional features linked to the project. While Ubisoft has not yet announced specific pricing details for the Smart Collectibles, a pre-sale is scheduled to take place soon, causing anticipation among enthusiasts. Ubisoft continues to explore the potential of NFTs and blockchain technology, providing fans with a unique and personalized way to commemorate their favorite game series. As Ubisoft ventures deeper into NFTs and blockchain, we're seeing other industry giants opening up towards web3 technologies as well. EA Sports just announced they’re joining forces with Nike's .Swoosh NFT marketplace. This collaboration aims to bring virtual athletic attire into the gaming world. Although specific games have not been disclosed, the partnership aims to provide novel experiences for the .Swoosh community and EA Sports fans. More details about integrating Nike's NFTs, dubbed "virtual creations," into EA's games will be unveiled in the coming months. Significantly, other major game publishers such as Square Enix are integrating blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs into their games, a trend that is rapidly catching on globally. Square Enix, known for Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, is launching its NFT game, Symbiogenesis, on Ethereum's Polygon sidechain and has also made investments in the metaverse, specifically The Sandbox. In South Korea, companies Nexon and Krafton are preparing to launch games integrated with Polygon NFTs, while Zynga, based in the West, is also incorporating NFTs into its games. Other South Korean firms, NCSoft and Com2us, are developing NFT games on the Sui blockchain, with Com2us planning to release up to 15 blockchain games annually. These are just some more reasons for us to remain bullish on this space and we can’t wait for others to join the party. These recent developments just fuel our optimism and this is why we remain bullish on what's to come in this space. Seriously, it's like we're at the coolest party, and we can't wait for more folks to jump in and join the fun. OTHER NEWS HIGHLIGHTS ESL partners with crypto market gamification tool Runiverse Yuga Labs Hires Former Riot Games Executive Mike Seavers as New CTO Neowiz Launches $10M Grant Program for Web3 Games on Polygon Former Crypto Minecraft Game NFT Worlds Rebrand as Topia It’s Here! Axie Origins Season 4 Goes Live! Yesports partners with NFT strategy game Planet IX Aurory launches Prologue to Adventures experience The P2E Game, Champions Ascension, Migrates to Polygon Genopets Roadmap Update Blast.tv Paris Major to be first Counter-Strike event streamed live on TikTok Horizon Blockchain Games & Polygon Labs Join Forces to Shape the Future of Web3 Infrastructure GALA Token V2 and Gala Games Token Burn Web3 Lifestyle App STEPN Integrates Apple Pay for In-Game Purchases Gods Unchained Releases 2023 Roadmap Shoot-em-up to Earn with Grit Launch Metagame Industries Raises $100M for Web3 Game Abyss World Altura Offers Web3 Infrastructure Tailored to Gaming with NFT Pomerium Beefs Up Its Web3 Gaming Portfolio with $20M Investment Overwatch Maker Blizzard to Tap Into Generative AI Game Tools: NYT Grand Theft Auto 6 Crypto Rumors Are Swirling Again—Here’s What’s Going On Ubisoft's Rabbids Invade Reddit as Free NFTs Sony & Astar Network: Hosting the 'Web3 Incubation Program' Demo Day in June Nvidia Is Making Games More Lifelike With AI ONE Esports launches mobile app for Samsung Galaxy M80 Raises $3 Million to Expand 'Web3-Enabled' Esports Organization



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